Google’s most recent tool called Knowledge Graph is a new feature, developed to fetch relevant information and answers concisely and quickly to users’ queries. This tool is believed to make the search engine even smarter.

Google’s Knowledge Graph – What is it?

Through Knowledge Graph you’ll be able to see important and informative facts on the right side of the page along with the main search results on the left. See the screenshot below to understand what I’m talking about.

Google Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge Graph

The feature will be currently available for only logged-in used in US. Thus after watching the performance of Knowledge Graph for a few days in US, Google has plans to extend the feature through out the world.

How Google implements Knowledge Graph?

Knowledge Graph extracts information from the Google’s new database which contains information of 500 million people, monuments, books movies etc. to display relevant information and summary on the right side of the page.

Google was developing its new database for Knowledge Graph for since last two years. It had deeply scanned through the most famous free encyclopedia WikiPedia and the CIA Factbook to gather data for its new database.

Expert’s Take on Google’s Knowledge Graph

Amit Singhal, a software engineer from IIT Roorkee and the head of Google’s Core Ranking Team has positive take on this new feature from Google. He said :

Amit Singhal
This used to be the stuff of dreams because we didn’t really know how to accomplish it. The dream has always been to understand things like you and I do, so this this really feels like a sea change.

As we answer more of our users’ questions, we save them time. Time is the only quantity that we can’t make more of. When people save time, people search more. The Web gets more traffic and all boats rise.

Possible Complaints and Arguments on the New Fature

Google is likely to face complaints and debate from the web-developers, who may complain that Google is promoting its own products rather than pointing visitors to other helpful internet websites.

Google’s Expectations from Knowledge Graph

This is a step Google has taken to provide users with not only a list of relevant links but also some useful and factual information they might be looking for. This new feature from Google is sure to keep users in its own website for longer time.

Below is a video which explains the complete features and in-depth case study of Knowledge Graph.

The new feature was unveiled on Wednesday (May 16, 2012) on Official Google Blog.