Here is a manuscript on Tharus called Ath Shree Tharu Chalisa or simply Tharu Chalisa written by me. This I had written long back, but I am publishing it on TechPuffs due to popular demand from Tharu people. Chalisa is a style of religious manuscript poem writing which consists of 40 lines. Chalis means 40 and so Chalisa is a 40 line poem.

Ath Shree Tharu Chalisa, Written by: Ashish Chandra

Ath Shree Tharu Chalisa, Written by: Ashish Chandra

Download the full poem as above in very high quality (3288×2225): Ath Shree Tharu Chalisa (High Resolution)

I have also translated Tharu Chalisa in English for the better understanding of Non-Hindi audience of Nepal and abroad. Read below:

Ashish Chandra

Chaupayee –
I worship mother, father and teachers, then I salute the Gods.
I seek blessing of good deeds, please grant me this boon.
That I will be definite to the path of truth and nothing else.
That I will remain as beautiful as Shiva, the Tharu roars.

Ath Shree Tharu Chalisa –
Hail to Tharu, Hail to Tharuhat, I tell you a story, please follow.
The word Sthaveer turned to Tharu, the clan resides in UP, Bihar, Nepal. 2

Our ancestors were Vedic and Aryans and were called Shakya in Kapilvastu.
Tharus inhabit across Himalayas and the cold breeze banks of Ganga and Gandak.
Gautam Buddha was born in the Tharu clan, and the whole world was enlightened.
Samrat Asoka too followed the Tharu culture, and embraced Buddha’s resort. 6

The Indian independence battle, got impulse from Belsandi’s Baidyanath Patwari.
Birsa Munda assisted the Tharus, and English called them the Rebellions.
Mangal Mahto of Gobarahiya terrified the English with his Dagger.
And Dayaram Mahato furled the Tricolor against British Rule at Chhatraul. 10

In ancient times, Rahso Guro rode his yacht and fed Lions and Tigers in open.
His Shack is still at Someshwar, and his ideas are worshipped by people.
Ramnagar, Bagaha and Narkatiaganj are all inhabited by the Tharus.
The clan has Courage, Intellect, Perseverance and respect for all religions. 14

Tharus conserve and protect forests, they celebrate the nature festival Barna.
Every village celebrates Gaumala, and worships Pippal, Banyan and the Gods.
Tharu homes have auspicious girls like Lakshami and Ganga, pious and cheerful.
They pay homage by washing Guest’s feet and feed them Jaggery as Welcome. 18

All homes have Andi Bhunja Recepe (Rice-roast), and cows are fed Basmati straw.
Ducks and Pigeons are their pets, and Tharus play the Jhamtaa Dance outskirts.
Tharus are featured by Dance and vocal skills, and sacred hearts and dialect.
Whoever once comes to a Tharu home, likes to visit again and again. 22

Tharus portray martial arts with rotating sticks at Bajrangi Fair during fall.
Gauri and Shiva are Tharus ideals and every home worships Buddha and Ganesha.
Nepal celebrates Gadhi Mayee Festival and Donn is delighted by Hatthi Mayee.
Tharu clan is peaceful and cheerful and is protected by Sahodara Mayee. 26

Premnarayan shakes Delhi and struggles for Tharus to provide Tribal Rights.
Bettiah Raj too hails the glory of Tharus and Shailendra is applauded.
Tharuhat witnesses developments through the routes of IIT and Medical Education.
Tharu soldiers are protecting the Nation, and getting recruited in SSB. 30

The son of Bagaha and Harnatad, Doctor K M rocks the region.
The handicrafts of Tharus like Dhakiya, Mauni and Dala are exported to Malaysia.
Hamro Nepal develops with the Tharus, who make films like Riti Riwaaj.
Chitwan and Madi hails from the Tharus, where tourists enjoy Jungle Safari. 34

Along with Khar, Jiutiya and Holi-Faagi, Tharu People celebrate Maaghi Festival.
They light Diyas and Koshi and raise the Holy Daura of the Diety during Chhath.
They are very laborious and you will never ever spot any Tharu begging.
Women and Mother are the most respected, and Tharus never accept any Dowry. 38

This is so tells Tharu Chalisa, in the Embrace of Buddha, Truth and Non-violence.
Repeatedly, Ashish approves that the Tharus traits are massive and beyound words. 40

Doha –
True should be Speech, True should be Behavior, as True is the Eternal Soul.
The whole world should follow Truth, say the Tharus like what Buddha said.

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