Asus is reportedly looking forward to introduce a smartwatch later this year. According to a report published in Focus Taiwan, Asus’ this alleged smartwatch would be launched in the second half of this year. The Asus’ chairman Johney Shih has also confirmed this report and admitted that the company is involved in the development of such kind of full-fledged wearable device.

“We will put our entire design thought into it. There are actually many challenges in this area, and I don’t think products that lack special features will be useful. We’ll try to replace your watch by all means,” Shih told media.

The innards of this upcoming Asus smartphone are not known at this point.

Asus isn’t the only Taiwanese firm looking to enter the wearables market. Focus Taiwan is reporting that Acer is also working on a smartwatch, which will be arriving in the second half of this year as well.

“We hope we could have a distinctive product when we introduce it. So we will not launch it in a hurry during the first quarter and will likely make it available globally in the second half,” a source told Focus Taiwan.