After the global roll out of flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch, the Korean manufacturer Samsung seems to be planning to launch the curved display smartphone next month in Korea.

Samsung Smartphone with Flexible Display

Samsung Smartphone with Flexible Display

Yesterday, at the launch event of Galaxy Note 3 in Seol, company’s mobile business head of strategic marketing D.J. Lee has revealed that Samsung is now looking forward to introduce the smartphones with curved screen next month in Korea.

He didn’t mentioned the internal details of those upcoming curved display smartphones, but if the alleged smartphones are on the way, we will know most of the details in few coming days.

In January Samsung, which has taken over from Apple Inc as the global smartphone leader, showed off prototype products with a flexible screen and a display that extends from the side of a device. In July, the company delayed the curved display after noticing a snag related to the encapsulation technology developed by Vitex System, an U.S based company.

Now looks like company has resolved all the technical issues related to the curved display, but technology firms have yet to figure out how to mass produce the parts cheaply and come up with display panels that can be as thin as a sheet and highly heat resistant.

Source: BBC

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