Google Glass has appeared to be one of the most highly anticipated gadgets. Google has distributed this hi-tech wearable gadgets to several tech-volunteers to test it and develop apps for it.

Google Glass is capable of posing serious privacy concerns. It is as easy as a child’s play to record something that the wearer looks at. He can also instantly upload and share it on Google servers.

Project Glass by Google X Lab

Project Glass by Google X Lab

Suppose you are at a bar or with your girlfriend at some beach. Certainly you’ll not like to be clicked. Suppose a Google Glass wearer enters the scene. He can easily take your picture or record your video without knowing you. You can’t be sure that he is not taking your picture or video while he is looking at you. Also, it will be awkward to ask him to put off his glasses because he might not be taking pictures or video of yours. The point is that he has the real power to breach your privacy and upload it live at Google servers with or without knowing you. It can act as a mobile spy camera.

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The other big concern is conversation with the wearer. While talking to a Google Glass wearer, you can’t be sure that he is putting his whole attention towards you. The device somewhat creates distraction and can cause accidents while walking or driving.

Overall Google Glass gives its wearer the power to breach others’ privacy. And Google as a smart mediator benefits from the data generated. Google Chiefs know very well about the privacy concerns related to the device but are silent on the concerns and are waiting for the next development.