Apple TV will be officially available in a day or two, at Indian retail stores priced at INR Rs.8295. The device was however available at a cheaper price in the grey market without any warranty at INR Rs.6500.

Apple TV with Remote

Apple TV with Remote

Apple TV, as you might be thinking is not actually a television. It is a small streaming device which can connect to your HDTV through HDMI Port. Apple TV retains the simplicity of Apple. The device and its remote both have extremely simple user interface. The device can connect to internet through Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It can stream videos directly from iTunes Store, YouTube, Flickr or any Mac OS X or Windows PC running iTunes.

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The device can also be used to share your videos or music with other viewers over the Apple TV connection. New media content from iTunes Store can be watched on purchased or rent.

Apple has announced the launch of Apple TV through its Apple India website in February.