World’s Largest Magnet is in the process of design at BARC at Trombay, Mumbai. The magnet will be several times bigger than the present largest superconducting solenoidal magnet of the CMS Experiment on the LHC at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

CMS Magnet at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

CMS Magnet at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

It should be noted that the CMS magnet at CERN is itself very strong and can produce a magnetic field of 4 Tesla which is 100,000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the earth.

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The magnet will be vital for INR Rs.1500-Crore project called Indian Neutrino Observatory being made near Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The observatory will be 4300 feet below a cave in a hill. The magnet will protect 30,000 detectors housed in the observatory from interference caused by radiations and cosmic rays.

Vivek Datar (Head of Nuclear Physics Division, BARC) said :

In terms of sheer dimensions the magnet being designed at the Trombay centre will be the largest in the world. It will be iron-based, weighing 50,000 tonnes while the weight of the one at CERN ranges between 4,000 and 5,000 tonnes.

Some other sources however have revealed that the weight of the magnet will be 12,500 tonnes.