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YouTube India included a Dedicated Section for Indian TV Shows

If you have missed the previous episode of your favorite TV serial due to some busy schedule or some power failure last night then you’ll be delighted after this bit of news. You know how much the Indian women are obsessed with the TV serials especially with the Saas-Bahu type serials. They even don’t want to miss a single episode whatever be the situation. YouTube India¬†has recently added a section dedicated to only Indian TV serials where you can find latest episodes of many Hindi serials broadcasted over various Indian channels. Although some older episodes were always there in...

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Learn How to Make YouTube Quite Safer for your Kids

As we know that YouTube is a great source or let’s say ocean of information and entertainment. It has some amazing and rare video tutorials which could not be found anywhere else. But the dark side of YouTube is that it has also some objectionable, adult and violent videos which make it improper for children and you would definitely like to prevent those videos from your kids. Isn’t it? Although your kids may be too young for reading or writing but they can still access and easily operate the YouTube site (using image thumbnails) without any help. As far...

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Google Search Team Introduces a Video for Search Tips

Google Search team has introduced a short video uploaded in YouTube on 14 Feb 2012, in which you can find various useful stuffs that you miss till now on, plus some related search tips and tricks, in one place. In this short video there may be nothing new for “power” Google users but for the rest of us or new users, this is a good recap of the kind of searches you can perform at After watching this video you can easily enhance your Google Search skill and can find easily your result without wandering over so...

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Why this Kolaveri, Di?

Why this Kolaveri, Di? – Dhanush There are many popular videos on YouTube which have been watched millions and millions of times. The current buzz is the recently released Tamil Song Why this Kolaveri, Di? which in English means “Why this Murderous Rage, Girl?”. This song is a Tamil and English mix and within a month of its official release on Nov 16, 2011 it has become the most searched YouTube video in India. The most popular online video giant YouTube has awarded the video with a Recently Most Popular Award (Gold Medal) because in a very short time...

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