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Live Action Toy Story : The Pixar Classic made with Real People and Real Toys

I’m sure most of you have watched Toy Story (1995), Pixar’s animated full length movie distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. I’m sure you remember Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Mr. Potato Head. Here is a good news for you if you are a Toy Story fan. A creative mind has recreated the full length movie with real people and real toys. The YouTube user jonasonsMovies has published Live Action Toy Story on January 12, 2013 and the video has already received 660,206 hits by the time I’m writing this article. The 80 minute long video is complete remake of the...

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Learn How to play YouTube Videos and Playlist in VLC Media Player

Are you aware with the fact that you can play YouTube videos and playlists directly in world’s most favorite VLC media player right outside the browser without any annoying ad? To play YouTube video in VLC media player, launch VLC and click on Media and select Open Network Stream and paste URL of the YouTube video in the input box and hit Play button. As soon as you press Play button, streaming of the YouTube video starts in VLC media player without any advertisement. You can open Network URL dialog box by pressing Ctrl+N also. How to play YouTube...

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World’s Most Watched YouTube Video – PSY’s Gangnam Style overrides Justin Bieber’s Baby

The charismatic South Korean rapper PSY’s new K-Pop Single titled Gangnam Style is the latest buzz of YouTube town. It has surpassed Justin Bieber’s Baby to become the world’s most watched YouTube video of all time. Justin Bieber’s Baby had surpassed Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance when the Bieber’s popularity was gaining momentum. On Saturday (November 24, 2012), YouTube in its official trends blog declared Gangnam Style as the most watched video. As on Saturday afternoon, statistics counted : PSY’s Gangnam Style : 805 Million Views Justin Bieber’s Baby : 803 Million Views Gangnam Style was posted on YouTube on...

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What happens to inactive YouTube channels?

Any user can make personal channel(s) on YouTube. Most often it is seen that channels are merely made to reserve particular channel names and there are no contents in those channels. Let’s see in the following acticle, what happens to those channels? In this way several good channel names have already been created without any content for long time. Most often spammers make channel names impersonating popular brands. What happens to inactive or duplicate YouTube channels? In general, YouTube does not delete any channel even if it is inactive for long time. However they may change this behaviour in...

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Meet the Global Winners of YouTube Space Lab Science Competition

Finally the names of the winners of YouTube Space Lab competition have been declared. The YouTube Space Lab is a science competition that is conducted by NASA to challenge the students to design a science experiment that could be performed in space. The competition is classified in to the two age categories : one for 14-16 year old students and second for 17-18 year old students. As there have been thousands of entries all around the world the selection of the winners is not so easy. The winners are decided by votes and by the professional and expert judges. There were many...

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