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YouTube buying game streaming startup Twitch for $1 billion

YouTube is reportedly nearing a deal to buy popular game streaming start-up Twitch for one billion dollars. Variety reported that the deal is said to be an all-cash offer and will close ‘imminently’; however, The Wall Street Journal reported that the discussions were “early” and that “a deal isn’t imminent.” According to the Verge, the deal, if succeeds, would effectively put one of the web’s most highly trafficked sites firmly in Google’s hands. Twitch, launched in 2011, has become a premier destination for video game live-streams, and has effectively turned titles as offbeat as Pokemon into spectator sports. It...

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Paid YouTube Channels to be Launched within Weeks

LOS ANGELES : According to reliable sources, in a matter of few weeks, YouTube is going to launch some online video channels which will require users to pay to watch them. Only these few Premium YouTube Channels will require payment to be watched. Remaining of the video contents on the video sharing website will remain free. It has been not yet clear, if there will be advertisement in paid channels. The Financial Times has earlier reported that to watch premium content on YouTube a user will have to pay USD $1.99 per month for subscriptions. Facebook to use drones...

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Ferrari F430 driven by 8 Year Old Kid puts YouTube viewers in shock

A latest video uploaded on YouTube of an 8-year old boy wearing a Ben 10 t-shirt and driving a red Ferrari F430 car near his house in Shobha City, Thrissur, Kerala has put YouTube viewers in shock. The video has got severe criticizing comments to parents who have allowed the kid to drive the fast sports car. The video was filmed by the boy’s mother and was uploaded on YouTube by his father on April 12, 2013. The comments on YouTube suggest irresponsible parenting. Despite the fact, the parents are proud of their kid to learn driving a sports...

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PSY’s Gentleman : Official Video now available on YouTube

Gentleman, PSY’s most anticipated single after Gangnam Style, is now available on his official YouTube Channel. While I am watching the video now, the hit counter shows 6,901,112 views with 319,360 likes. My first reaction after watching the video was OMG! PSY has retained his level and created a masterpiece once again. The video is funny and cool. It is expected to go viral on YouTube similar to his Gangnam Style. YouTube buying game streaming ...Paid YouTube Channels to be La...Ferrari F430 driven by 8 Year ...Why Justin Beiber avoids YouTu... RELATED : Gentleman – PSY’s next single to...

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Why Justin Beiber avoids YouTube?

LONDON: The too young famous Canadian pop star Justin Beiber (19) has revealed that he avoids YouTube due to derogatory comments on his works. Download High Resolution HD Wallpaper : Canadian Pop Star Justin Beiber YouTube buying game streaming ...Paid YouTube Channels to be La...Ferrari F430 driven by 8 Year ...PSY’s Gentleman : Offici... His one of the most famous pop video Baby became the first-ever video to surpass 800 Million views on YouTube, which was later overridden by PSY’s Gangnam Style. Here is what Beiber said about his videos on YouTube : My Twitter is really nice. I...

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