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How to Add rel=”nofollow” to Selected WordPress Blogroll Links for Better SEO

In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to insert rel=”nofollow” to your selected Blogroll links. You must be aware of the fact that WordPress Blogroll is a feature that lets you to show links of your favorite websites on your blog. This feature allows webmasters to link-exchange with other websites easily by showing Blogroll as a widget in sidebar or footer bar or any other hook. PLEASE NOTEThe tutorial at hand allows you to apply rel=”nofollow” to your selected Blogroll links. If you are sure that you want rel=”nofollow” in each and every Blogroll links then stop reading further...

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How to Add rel=”nofollow” to All WordPress Blogroll Links for Better SEO

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to automatically add rel=”nofollow” to all your Blogroll links. WordPress Blogroll is an amazing feature in WordPress CMS. It lets you to share your favorite blogs and websites on your blog. Most of the time, webmasters use this feature to link-exchange with other websites by showing Blogroll as a widget in sidebar or footer bar. PLEASE NOTEThis tutorial allows you to apply rel=”nofollow” to all your selected Blogroll links. Note that your each and every Blogroll link will get rel=”nofollow”. If you want to add rel=”nofollow” to only some of the Blogroll links...

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How to Insert and Save TITLE Attribute within IMG in a Multi-Authored WordPress Blog

This article is about how to enable an author of a multi-authored WordPress blog to insert images with title attribute in articles. Today I noticed an important issue while editing an article written by Author Sushil. I noticed that the images in his articles were missing title attribute. For a moment, I thought that perhaps he must had forgot to apply title attribute while uploading the image. But when I checked the image in library, it had all the four options properly filled – title, alt, caption, description. To find-out the problem, I logged into his author account and...

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Google Rich Snippets – Must for Better SEO [Infographic]

Google Rich Snippets is a tool to personalize your website searches to look different from others. It has several features which includes showing the author’s image along with the results (Google Authorship) and showing stars for a review post. There is also special Google search results for recipes, events and persons. Google is continuously improving its Rich Snippets feature and will soon bring new features. You can test online how a search result will actually look in google with Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool. Facebook to use drones to beam...UC Browser surpasses 500 milli...Chinese consumers top online s...Soon, free...

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How to allow Shortcode inside Shortcode in WordPress

WordPress undoubtedly is the most popular blogging software. Professional bloggers using WordPress must have knowingly or unknowingly used shortcodes to ease their work. What is a Shortcode? A shortcode is a small pre programmed function inside a plugin or inside a core file (usually the theme’s functions.php file) which is used to display a particular information into a page or post easily and effortlessly. Inside an article, a shortcode is written in square brackets. Notice the warning message displayed at the bottom of this article. This is displayed using the following shortcode : [warning]The Blah Blah Warning Message[/warning] Shortcode...

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