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How to Show Folder Size of Each Folder in Windows Explorer

While viewing a list of folders in Windows Explorer (Win + E), sometimes we need to know the memory size of each folder separately. We can know that by hovering the cursor over a desired folder. But what if we want to know the individual sizes of each of the folders listed? Here I’ll tell you exactly, how to easily do that. First look at this screenshot of my Windows Explorer. I am running Windows XP. There is no in-built method in Windows Explorer in Details View to show the Folder Size. Here is a small freeware called Folder...

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Drag Drop Not Working in Windows XP : Working Solution

I am a big fan of Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system for its simplicity, ease of use and compatibility with most of the software available. After updating my Windows XP SP3 operating system, I noticed a problem. Moving or Copying files by drag and drop was not working in Windows Explorer as well as Desktop. However, cutting and pasting was working as usual. I use drag and drop very often as it saves time for me, so I was worried. Here is how I fixed the problem. The following solution is working on my PC, I can’t guarantee...

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Anybody can Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for Just $14.99 – Major Loophole

Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro at low cost by providing fake information may be unethical and illegal. The method discussed here is strictly for educational and informational purpose. Use this sensitive information at your own risk. You can get Windows 8 Pro just for USD $14.99. This is the latest loophole that we unearthed today. Absolutely anyone can get the promo-code to updgrade to Windows 8 Pro. Let’s get into the inside story before jumping to loophole to get in-depth understanding. Windows 8 Pro is currently available at a retail price of USD $169.99. As per Microsoft’s offer for...

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Remove WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) Notifications in Windows XP [WGASetup.exe]

If you are encountering WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) Notifications every time you start up and login to your system, and you want to permanently delete these notifications then this article can help you. See the screenshot below of the pop-up I am talking about. What are WGA Notifications? First of all let’s know what are WGA Notifications and why they appear at start-up? Windows XP’s latest security updates contains a tool called WGASetup.exe which causes the WGA Notifications to appear at start-up. They appear because either you are using a pirated Windows XP operating system or you have changed...

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How I Solved – Internet Sharing Failure due to Corrupt Windows Firewall / Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)?

While I was trying to share my internet connection through a D-Link Network Switch with my colleague and author Sushil, I encountered a strange problem related to Windows Firewall / Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). I later solved the problem and I am sharing the trick to you guys in case you too are facing similar network sharing problem. Corrupted – Windows Firewall / Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) We at are using Windows XP for news and tutorials composing and everything. We use Windows XP as we find it very convenient, simple and fast to work with. We share a...

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