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Kepler’s Supernova Remnant by Chandra X-Ray Observatory

Here are the remnants of last supernova that is known to explode in our galaxy Milky Way. The light of explosion had reached the Earth some 400 years back and had amazingly lit up the night sky in October 1604. The then mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler had then studied the event. But that was the time when telescope was not invented. In his memory, the event has been termed as Kepler’s Supernova Remnant. Now we have not just telescopes but we also have giant orbiting space telescopes which keep on exploring and scanning the stellar events. Artificial Moon...

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East China including Beijing is facing Extreme Air Pollution, Smog visible from Space

Eastern China including the capital Beijing is facing extreme air pollution these days. You can imagine the extent through the fact that the smog is visible from space. Here is a photo revealed by NOAA. This picture was taken by Suomi NPP Satellite which is 824 km above the Earth’s surface and is jointly managed by NASA, NOAA and DoD. As per USEPA standards, the air quality was measured 755. An air quality measuring 500 is considered very bad. Anything exceeding 500 is extremely toxic and hazardous. The smog is so dense that anything is barely visible even at...

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NASA SDO captures amazing Solar Filament

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) captured an astonishing and amazingly detailed images of a massive solar filament erupting out of the stellar surface. NASA had discovered this filament (a kind of Solar Prominence) since early August this year and was watching it continuously since then. The filament finally erupted to a surprisingly large height, sharply at 2036 Hours GMT on August 31, 2012 (Friday). To download the high resolution HD version of the image above : CLICK HERE SDO’s Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) which produced the spectacular video from the images, estimates the maximum height of eruption to be...

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Meet the Global Winners of YouTube Space Lab Science Competition

Finally the names of the winners of YouTube Space Lab competition have been declared. The YouTube Space Lab is a science competition that is conducted by NASA to challenge the students to design a science experiment that could be performed in space. The competition is classified in to the two age categories : one for 14-16 year old students and second for 17-18 year old students. As there have been thousands of entries all around the world the selection of the winners is not so easy. The winners are decided by votes and by the professional and expert judges. There were many...

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Google Nexus S on Space Shuttle to Control Robots

NASA has recently sent two Android-powered Google Nexux S smartphones into space with the last manned space shuttle, Atlantis, on the STS-135 mission. The smartphones were used to test and investigate how humans and robots can co-exist in space more efficiently. NASA is hoping that these experiments will lead to implementing robots to complete some routine tasks normally done by astronauts. NASA STS-135 Mission and Samsung Google Nexux S Smartphone Android phones help the robotic satellites perform tasks the astronauts used to do, like recording sensor data and capturing video footage. The device is still awaiting its Android 4.0...

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