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Firefox OS powered smartphones to be launched in 5 countries starting from June 2013

Much have been talked about ambitious open-source Firefox OS and also there are a lot of speculations and curiosities regarding the alleged arrival of Firefox OS powered smartphones in the global markets, but now looks like the arrival of the alleged smartphones is just around the corner. As per the Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs, the company is planning a first-wave roll-out of the OS that will begin in just a few months. The company is targeting emerging markets at first and the first phone will be launched in June. Speaking at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference, he revealed...

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Firefox OS for Smartphones and Tablets : Mozilla Open Source Mobile Operating System

SAN FRANCISCO : In the line of popular mobile operating systems like Apple iOS and Google Android, Mozilla Foundation exposed two preview smartphones based on its newly developed open source mobile operating system called Firefox OS. Mozilla is inviting developers from smartphone and tablet industry to try its new open-source mobile operating system. The two preview smartphones were developed by Spanish-manufacturer GeeksPhone in collaboration with Spanish-carrier Telefonica. Both smartphones are based on Qualcomm Snapdragon Chips and are named Keon and Peak with screen size 3.5 Inch and 4.3 Inch respectively. SIMILAR STORIES : Ubuntu for Mobiles and Tablets :...

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Learn How to Print Pages Without Date and Page Info from Internet [Quick Tip]

As you know by default all the Internet browsers use to add date and URL of the page at the bottom of the printed pages. It gives us information about in which date and from which website the printing has been done. However in some case these information printed the bottom of the page is truly annoying and we don’t need them. So if you don’t want them then fortunately there is a simple technique available by which you can stop from printing the date and URL on the page. Setting for Internet Explorer Navigate to “File” and select...

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Twitter Joins Hands with Firefox to Provide Better Privacy

Twitter has recently joined hands with Firefox to provide more privacy for its users. Now Twitter users which are on Firefox browser will have options to enable Do Not Track feature, and choose third-party tracking cookies generally used for advertising and other purposes. According to a survey conducted by Mozilla Firefox, 8.6% desktop Firefox users have adopted Do Not Track feature whereas in the mobile world it is around 19%. The highest adoption rates are in the Netherlands, France, and the USA. The survey was conducted over more than 10,000 Firefox users from 140 countries and it has been...

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Get Warned about Fake Online Stores with Zscaler Safe Shopping Plug-in

Now a days online shopping has become very popular among internet users due to flexibility of choosing and comparing the prices of the same material available in the different online stores. Except some popular and respected online stores, there are many fake and sometime really compromised online stores also created by hackers in order to steal customers’ data. These online stores look like real as they appear also in Google search and it’s hard and impossible sometimes to identify them. But now problem of identifying the fake online stores is very easy with Zscaler Safe Shopping Plug-in. Once installed...

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