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Indian Railways Implements New Tatkal Ticket Rules effective from July 10

In order to stop misuse and black marketing of Tatkal ticket booking scheme, Indian Railways has implemented new rules which will be effective from July 10, 2012. As per the new rules, the Tatkal tickets booking will now strictly start from 10 AM on the previous day of journey from the train’s originating station instead of 8 AM. From 10 AM to 12 Noon the booking counters will provide the Tatkal tickets only and specially to those people who are standing in the queue at the counters along with the valid identity proof. During these hours no authorized agents,...

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Track your Train through Mobile Phones : New Move of Indian Railways

Now you can use your mobile phone to track your train. This is the latest move of Indian Railways for passengers. The technology has been developed by Indian Railways in collaboration with IIT Kanpur. The API (Application Programming Interface) uses The Real-Time Train Running Information System through which a user can access data about the exact current location of a train. Know Exact Train Location : How? In order to know the current location of a train, you have to just SMS the train number to 09415139139 or 09664139139. That’s it. You’ll receive instantly an SMS with the required...

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Indian Railway Increased the Parcel rate by 25% with immediate effect

After the inflation in petroleum, it’s time of Indian Railway to put extra pressure on common people which are already facing inflation in almost in all sectors. in a surprising turn of event Indian railways has decided to hike the parcel and luggage rate by 25% with immediate effect which is applicable from June 1, 2012. By increasing the parcel rate, railway wants to mop up 370 crore as additional revenue in the current fiscal. Railways have earned 1600 crore from parcel and luggage in 2011-12. The last revision of parcel and luggage rates had taken place in 2006....

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Improve the Probability of Getting a Confirm Online Train Ticket Under Tatkal Quota

Getting a confirm Tatkal online train ticket from the Indian Railways website is a tough job and also a matter of luck. As you know, the online ticket booking under Tatkal scheme opens at 8 AM on One days in advance actual date of journey e.g for train leaving on 6th, Tatkal Booking Commences at 8 AM on 5th. Since it works on first come-first serve basis, a lot of users try to book confirm tickets due to which this website faces a very high congestion and sometimes the service becomes unavailable also. The time taken in filling the...

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Track and Know the Exact Location and Status of your Train

Indian Railways conducts around 11,000 trains everyday in different routes across the country and is the fourth largest rail network in the world. Sometimes you might have faced a great inconvenience when you went to station to catch your train and you came to know that your train is running late or has been delayed for some hour due to certain reasons. This inconvenience is common in winter especially in north India when the visibility drops down due to fog and it is hard to see beyond certain distance. There may be also various reasons which force the train...

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