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Google India diplays Candle in Homepage to Homage Delhi Victim

Today, Google India homepage is displaying a candle in memory of the Delhi gang-r@pe victim. The candle is displayed below the search box. When mouse cursor is hovered over the candle it displays In memory of the Delhi braveheart. The 23-year-old brave girl died in Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore on December 29, 2012. She was assaulted on December 16, 2012 on a moving bus in South Delhi and there she succumbed serious injuries. Google building a tablet with ...Google adds PayPal support to ...Google Maps 8.0 for Android re...Google acquires communications... This brutal and heinous incident has attracted nationwide...

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Top Money Makers of 2012 : Tech Companies Portfolio [Infographic]

Now it’s the end of year 2012. So we are producing here factsheet of earning of top tech companies. On the top of this list Apple and Samsung are the top money-makers of year 2012. In 2012, Apple made a gross revenue of USD $28.7 Billion followed by Samsung at USD $14.6 Billion. In terms of revenue growth, Linked In tops the list with 89% growth followed by Groupon at 52%. In terms of stock performance Linked In again tops the list followed by eBay and Amazon. See this informative graphic for the lists and full details. iPhone 6...

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Google working on Motorola X-Phone and Tablet

It seems that after launches of Nexus smartphones and tablets made with the association of several manufacturers like LG, Asus etc, Google is now focused with Motorola to launch a range of handsets and tablets codenamed X-Phone in order to offer a great competition to its rivals like Apple, Samsung and Nokia in smartphone segment. As you might be aware that Google aquired Motorola in May 2012, for a whopping amount of USD $12.5 Billion along with its patents portfolio. As per the rumors surfaced, Motorola will bless the X-Phone with an imaging and gesture-recognition software developer called Viewdle,...

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Twitter condemned Google’s Search Engine Changes

Twitter has condemned Google Inc. for the changes made on its search engine on Tuesday, describing the changes as bad for consumers and for web publishers. Twitter, a microblogging service that provides its users to broadcast short, 140-character messages to groups of followers said that Google’s changes would make it tougher for people to find the breaking news often shared by users of its service. Twitter’s criticism, which came hours after Google announced new features aimed at making search results more personalized, underscored the growing competition between the web companies. And it comes at a time when Google is...

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