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Google launches Chrome Beta Channel for Android 4.0 and above

Google has launched the Chrome Beta Channel- an app that allows user to access and try out new features of the browser. The app is currently in Beta phase, hence it’s obvious that users will face bumps and various bugs at the moment. It is built for Android 4.0 and above running smartphones and tablets. Features-At a Glance Improves the Octane performance benchmark by 25-30% with the new V8 version 3.15 CSS Filters for developers to add visual effects like grayscale, blur, and contrast adjustment to the mobile web New Flexible Box Layout Module simplifies the styling of complex...

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Google Docs offline Editing is Possible Now!

Now you can edit your Google docs offline and you can continue even if your Internet connection drops out. Any changes you made in your Google docs during offline mode will be automatically synched when you get back online. However during offline mode, you are not permitted to insert an image or drawing, use the translate or research tools, or share, download, publish and print documents. Facebook to use drones to beam...UC Browser surpasses 500 milli...Chinese consumers top online s...Soon, free global Wi-Fi servic... In order to enable the offline editing mode, open your Google Chrome browser and sign-in...

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Google Chrome Browser : Now Available for iPhone & iPad too!

After Yahoo unveiled its own browser Axis for the Apple’s device, Now Google Inc. has come up with its Chrome browser which can be used for browsing the internet on Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Google has just launched this iPad and iPhone compatible Chrome browser during its annual I/O event at San Francisco. Since Chrome is a very popular browser in PC world, by this step Google is trying to displace Apple’s own Browser Safari from the Apple’s most popular devices. If chrome proves a big hit in Apple’s device then it will help Google to boost its ad...

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Easily Apply Bing Backgroung Image in Google Search Home Page [Quick Tip]

As you know Microsoft’s search engine Bing decorates itself with a new HD background image everyday that looks quite beautiful and attractive. But  Google provides rotating doodles on the homepage and an option to add background images manually from the public photo galleries of Picasa. Google search engine is more popular and effective than Bing search and it provides many tricks to make quick and effective search about the things we are looking for. But there are many people also who like Bing search engine because of the attractive homepage background. If you prefer Google search engine but at...

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Keep eye on Facebook Status Update in Chrome using MyStatusBar

Undoubtedly Facebook is the world largest social networking site and it has around 900 million active users world wide. It has provided a big platform to share the information and suggestions among the friends. Many users used to log into Facebook account to know about the events going on their Facebook account on the regular basis. But when there is some extremely important work on the internet, they use to forget to log into their Facebook account and miss the status update available into their account. So if you are also a such kind of Facebook user, then you...

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