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How to easily send an email to a group of people in Gmail

Gmail is enormously popular free email service provided by Google. It’s often that we regularly email a certain message to a particular group of people. The general method people usually apply every time is – they insert individual email IDs of all people that they want to contact in TO field. Here I will share, how to create a contact group in Gmail to send an email to a group of people. This removes the possibility of leaving out some email IDs while typing. To create a contact group, first of all click at the Gmail written at top...

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Now Gmail has 1337 Emoticons and Smileys in its New Style Email Compose

Gmail in its new style email compose, has employed a gross total of 1337 emoticons and smileys for its users. So whenever you want to convey something and need to use an emoticon, then with large number of emoticons and smileys, it’s certain that you will be able to choose the one of your choice. The earlier version of Gmail compose has only 148 emoticons and smileys to choose from. The new emoticons and smileys are available for only the latest version of Gmail email compose. The new compose has a completely different look and feel. It comes as...

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Gmail Emails are not read by Humans : Google

The recent buzz of tech-town is the attack of Microsoft on Google products especially Gmail subjected to user privacy concerns. Microsoft has alleged that Google infringes the privacy of Gmail users by reading their private emails to serve targeted advertisements. Microsoft, a direct competitor to Google has launched Anti-Google website Scroogled, in which it publishes article on how Google is breaching privacy of users for corporate gains. In reply, Google has said that humans are not involved in scanning the emails, only pure algorithm determines what ads to serve on emails. See also : Stop Google from Tracking your...

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Locate Large Emails with Undocumented Gmail Search Operator

Is your Gmail inbox gone full of messages and you don’t know which emails are having large attachments and consuming your limited Gmail mailbox space? Since there are several ways including Google scripts that help you to locate your emails with larger attachment in your Gmail mailbox, but there is an easy way also with which you can discover your emails having specific size of attachment by typing in Gmail search box. There is a new feature in Gmail called undocumented “size” search operator that makes it possible to find out all the big emails in the mailbox quickly...

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Google Introduced Gmail SMS : Allows Users to send emails Via SMS

Now there wouldn’t need to have costly iPhone and smartphone or internet connection in order to send and receive an email to and from your friends and relatives in coming future because internet giant Google has introduced Gmail SMS that allows users to send emails via SMS. Now Gmail users with any simple multimedia handset can send and receive emails through SMS. However Indian users will have to wait for some time because this service will currently be available in some African countries like Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya only but is expected to be launched in other regions of...

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