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Google reportedly testing a completely redesigned Google Calendar for Android

Google is rumored to be testing new versions of GMail and Google Calendar app for Android. According to rumors, they point towards a big visual overhaul of the user interface and user experience. Google Calendar is reportedly getting a makeover making it look more like iOS calendar. One of the first things that you will notice about this overall visual change is that Google is ditching the lines and grids which were predominant in the Google Calendar app. Now, flat icons and colors take up most of the visual cues. In addition to the visual changes, Google seems to...

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New Gmail version for Android released

Google has started pushing the new Gmail app version 4.5 for the Android platform. The new Gmail app version 4.5-694836 is being pushed to select few Android device users. New Gmail user interface brings tabbed Inbox that sorts the emails in five major categories – Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. The new Gmail app 4.5 for Android smartphones features a design inspired from the Gmail for iOS app. The Side Menu panel lets one choose between any of the five categories to check the emails quickly. Also, it has a list of labels for the user to choose...

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Now 15GB Free Space for Google Drive, Gmail and Google+

Google has recently announced to increas its free memory space quota of free storage for a normal user from 5GB to 15GB straight. The 3-fold memory boost will be available for Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ combined together. On the other hand memory space for businesses using Google Apps are increased from 25GB to 30GB across the three services. The announcement was made a few days before Google I/O Conference (May 15-17, 2013) that held in San Francisco. The move is seen as Google’s effort to overcome Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive which are the immediate competitor to its cloud...

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Remote Log Out Feature in Gmail and Facebook

If you forgot to log out from Gmail and Facebook while using a computer, there is a feature called Remote Log Out to end active sessions remotely from a different computer. It happens sometimes that you are at a cyber cafe and have logged into accounts like Gmail and Facebook and the power goes off. The next time someone starts the computer and opens the browser, there are chances that he/she will gain access to your accounts that were not logged off properly due to undeleted and active cookies. Facebook to use drones to beam...UC Browser surpasses 500 milli...Chinese...

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How to Send or Share Large Files over the Internet

Top email service provides like Gmail and Yahoo!, restrict the size of the files that can be sent through email. Currently the maximum size of an email is 25MB. The restriction is fair for official uses but if you need to send a large number of photos zipped together or a large video, then 25MB space is not enough. In those cases, people usually split the files in several emails and send them one by one. This technique might work for photos but a large video can’t be split (unless you use file splitters). Here we’ll discuss a solution...

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