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India records highest social networking growth: Study

More Indians are logging into Facebook and Twitter accounts, as evident from a record growth of 37 % in social networking during 2013, according to a study by eMarketer. “Indians are increasingly logging into Facebook and Twitter accounts, with the country recording the highest social networking growth of 37.4 % in 2013,” the US-based independent market research firm, which provides insights and trends in digital marketing, media and commerce, said in the study. Though the growth rate of social network users may be slowing globally, there is no stopping in India, as the number of social media users in...

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Facebook to use drones to beam free internet around the world

Facebook is reportedly working on building drones and lasers that could facilitate its goal of providing Internet connectivity to all. The social networking giant has formed a team, called Facebook Connectivity Lab, which would invent new technologies in-house to deliver affordable Internet access to everyone, irrespective of technical or financial obstacles. According to CNET, the revelation about the Internet providing drone project comes amidst Facebook’s decision to bring aboard five aerospace experts from UK-based Ascenta. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the experts from Ascenta would join their team working on connectivity aircraft . The report said that the...

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Facebook Messenger for Android gets voice-calling support in India

Facebook has silently made the voice-calling functionality live for Facebook Messenger for Android users in India. As far as we can see from the user reports on social media, the feature seems to have been rolled-out sometime last week. Originally introduced on Android in March 2013, the voice-calling feature of Facebook Messenger allows users to call their Facebook contacts for free over 3G or Wi-Fi networks. How to use the feature: Open a message thread with a friend. Tap the Android menu button Select Free Call. If you don’t see this option, the person can’t currently be called. India...

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Send message to all your Facebook friends in a single click [Tutorial]

There might be several reasons when you need to inform all of your dearest Facebook friends by sending them a message, but as you know when it comes to messaging Facebook doesn’t provide any such facility by which you can send your message to all your friends in just a single click. Facebook, however allows you to send your message to multiple friends at the same time just like Google’s Gmail and other messaging services, but when you have hundreds of friend, entering the entire friends name in the recipient box is still a tedious task. But now don’t...

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Two MIT doctoral candidates discover a Keyboard to get rid of Facebook addiction

Two doctoral candidates Robert R. Morris and Dan McDuff from MIT have introduced a new innovative keyboard device that is capable of shocking users while overindulging online on Facebook or any other social media websites. According to Dan McDuff, the keyboard monitors the application usage and if it senses that too much time is being spent on a particular website or application it give a shock to its users. The shock is just a little bit unpleasant and not dangerous for users. The system that they have devised uses a Mac’s UI Inspector for monitoring application usage and a...

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