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iPhone 6 display likely to go on mass production in May

It’s now almost certain that Apple will launch its next-gen iPhone model with relatively larger display than existing models 5S and 5C that feature just 4-inch display. The Cupertino based company has planned to launch the alleged iPhone models in September with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays to take on the rivals in phablet segment. Several reports emerging online indicate that the Apple’s suppliers are looking forward to start the mass production of iPhone 6 display in May, and the supplier will first produce the 4.7-inch displays followed by 5.5-inch later this year. According to the report, the suppliers are...

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Apple to launch Galaxy Note 3-sized iPhone: Report

Several reports surfacing online indicate that Apple is planning to launch large display iPhone model this year in order to compete with rivals such as Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony in the phablet segment. To support the report, a French website Nowhereelse has evidently published an image leaked by a Chinese website showing the dimensions of the upcoming iPhone. The leaked image apparently reveals that the upcoming iPhone model will have a dimension of 150mm long and 85mm wide, which is almost similar in size to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 phablet, which is 151.2mm long and 79.2mm wide. According...

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Apple planning to release iOS 7.1 update in March

Apple is looking forward to launch anticipated iOS 7.1 update in march, if a report published in 9to5Mac is to be believed. The report however doesn’t provide any clear word on what we are going to see in this new update, but Apple will surely include some secret and improved features to the iOs 7.1. According to report, we could expect several UI changes including a new dialer, redesigned Slide to Unlock UI, redesigned Caps Lock and Backspace keys on keyboard, ability to remove parallax effect on wallpaper without disabling all motion effects, and a few other known tweaks...

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Apple iPhone catches fire in teenager’s pocket in USA

A 13-year-old girl in Maine, US suffered first- and second-degree burns as her iPhone spontaneously caught fire while in her pocket. According to a report by, as the teenager sat down in class, she heard a pop and soon smoke started emanating from her pants. As her pants caught fire, three of her classmates help her, while a teacher brought a fire extinguisher and blanket to put out the flames. The student was then taken to Southern Maine Medical Centre in order to treat the burns she suffered from this incident. She has since been released from the...

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Apple to incorporate solar-charging sapphire glass screen in iPhone 6: Report

Looks like Apple doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to make its upcoming iPhone 6 more productive and innovative. The company, after introducing a fingerprint sensor in its iPhone 5s, is reportedly looking forward to integrate solar panels into the sapphire glass screen on its next iPhone. Matt Margolis, an analyst writing for Seeking Alpha, expects the solar-charging sapphire glass screen to be incorporated in the Apple iPhone 6, aimed at enhancing the battery life of the handset, the problem that is plaguing all smartphones. Margolis concludes that the Sapphire Glass screen will be embedded with solar cells...

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