Author: Ashish Chandra

Change XP Start Button Text

This tutorial describes Registry Editing, which if not done in the correct way, can be fatal for your operating system. It is a good practice to backup registry before editing. Use this tutorial with caution and at your own risk. At the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to change as per your choice, the default text of start button of your Windows XP. This tutorial uses Resource Hacker, a freeware utility. Resource Hacker is used to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract reources in 32bit Windows executable files (.exe) and resource files (.res). We’ll keep this...

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The Best Configuration of WordPress Permalinks

Permalinks stands for permanent links. These are unique URL’s of any pages and posts there in your website or blog. We know that WordPress is the most used platform for websites and blogs worldwide. We’ll learn here how to configure permalinks structure of your website or blog. First of all, it should be noted with utmost importance that when you are installing WordPress in your host then before creating any post or anything, you must first of all configure your permalinks structure in your WordPress settings. WordPress Version 3.3 permalinks settings has 6 Common settings : Default Day and...

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Useful Windows Shortcut Keystrokes

There are several shortcuts keystrokes in windows to execute specific actions. If you spend lot of time in your computer then the following list of shortcuts might save your time and effort. Some of these you might be already aware of, but there are several other shortcut keystrokes you might not be knowing. The best way to remember shortcut keystrokes is to start using them. Take a look at the list below to improve your experience with your computer. General Windows Shortcuts CTRL + C Copy selected files or portion CTRL + X Cut selected files or portion CTRL...

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