Twitter has recently joined hands with Firefox to provide more privacy for its users. Now Twitter users which are on Firefox browser will have options to enable Do Not Track feature, and choose third-party tracking cookies generally used for advertising and other purposes.

Twitter:Better Privacy Provider in Firefox Browser

Twitter:Better Privacy Provider in Firefox Browser

According to a survey conducted by Mozilla Firefox, 8.6% desktop Firefox users have adopted Do Not Track feature whereas in the mobile world it is around 19%. The highest adoption rates are in the Netherlands, France, and the USA. The survey was conducted over more than 10,000 Firefox users from 140 countries and it has been found that around 49% surveyed believe their privacy is respected more when Do Not Track is enabled, as opposed to only 12 percent who feel that way without the setting.

Alex Fawler, the head of privacy and public policy of Mozilla wrote in a blog :

We’re excited that Twitter now supports Do Not Track. Apart from it “the survey found users’ trust increases for browsers, publishers, and advertisers who support Do Not Track.

Privacy is very much being violated by most of the social networking sites these days. Even Google has started the monitoring of the users’ activities on the internet. This Twitter’s move is a crucial step in the right direction and it’s especially encouraging given the way the company recently resisted a subpoena to release a user’s data without warrant. This is definitely a starting of a new trend to protect users’ privacy initiated by Twitter and expected to be followed by other social networking platforms too.