Cheap touchscreen phones have been presented by famous Chinese mobile phone company G’Five at very low prices. G’Five touchscreen phones suit everyone’s pocket and can be afforded easily by common people.

There are several touchscreen phones available in the market but those are available at very high cost. So, looking at the market condition,s G’Five has introduced the low cost touchscreen phones. The two touchscreen models are G66i and G99.

Let’s have a look at the prices of these models in India :
G66i Price : INR Rs.2789
G99 Price : INR Rs.4089

G66i and G99 : Touchscreen Mobile Phones from G'Five

G66i and G99 : Touchscreen Mobile Phones from G’Five

Both the phones are Dual-SIM. G66i is touchscreen phone and G99 is touch and type phone in which the keypad can be detached.

G’Five is best known for its low cost mobile phones. These touchscreen phones are getting popular in Indian market for their low cost and they are running out of stock. Finally, it’s a good indication for those customers who want to get mobile phones at low prices. Other companies are also planning to follow the same low price concept and if they do so then surely in near future you are going to get mobile phones at still cheaper prices.