You can show your gadgets to your friend via status updates in Facebook. Whenever you post an update with a handheld gadget, your Facebook wall shows your update along with the name of the gadget.

What if you don’t have a particular gadget, but you want to show your Facebook update with that gadget? No problem, here is a Facebook application which can exactly do that. You don’t need to own any gadget at all.

When you will update your Facebook status via Statusvia application, your actual status will look like as shown below :

Statusvia Facebook Application

Statusvia Facebook Application

Procedure to use Statusvia Facebook Application

What you need to do is:

  1. Navigate to Statusvia.
  2. Select your desired phone or gadget with which you want to update your Facebook status.
  3. Just write your post and update it.

You will see the effects on your Facebook wall instantly. Really, it gives weightage to your Facebook status as well as local status among your buddies.