Panasonic has build a Head Care Robot and is testing it at Hyogo Prefecture in Japan. The robot is believed to provide very comfortable hair care and head massage that cannot be experienced with human barbers and hair technicians.

Panasonic Head Care Robot : The Personal Hair Care Robot

Panasonic Head Care Robot : The Personal Hair Care Robot

Panasonic Head Care Robot Testing Schedule

This is the first test of Panasonic Head Care Robot. It is going to be tested for two months period. Customers can come and try getting the service of the robot.

Hi-Tech Product Head Care Robot
Manufacturer Panasonic
Testing Hair Salon Super Hair Seo in Nishinomiya
Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Testing Period April 11, 2012 to June 10, 2012

Panasonic Head Care Robot Features

The robot was introduced first time in 2010. It consists of a comfortable recliner and a wash basin. It is equipped with sensors and 24 mechanical fingers to scalp and wash your hair. 8 fingers fit on the left side of the head and 8 on the right side and another eight on the back of the neck.

The sensors will determine and analyze the shape and size of a customer’s head, then the robot applies shampoo jets on your head along with conditioner. It then massages your scalp and back of the neck with its 24 robotic fingers. It finally air-blows your hair to dry.

Panasonic is sure the robot provides highly comfortable head & neck massage and hair care which is not possible to receive from human hands. Panasonic’s main idea behind creating the robot is to provide help and look-after to the handicapped or old people. Once the trials at Super Hair Seo are successfully done, Panasonic has plans to launch the robot in the market soon after. Panasonic expects hair salons and hospitals to get equipped with its Head Care Robot. Panasonic is hell-bent to offer robotic solutions and personal care robots to look-after humans.

Panasonic News Portal has provided nice video of the Head Care Robot in action at Super Hair Seo. Watch it below :