Three days earlier, Google has also jumped into cloud storage arena by unveiling the Google Drive, which is offering storage up to 5 GB for free for its new users. As there are already some popular cloud storage service like Dropbox and Microsoft’s SkyDrive available, this step of Google is going to give a tough competition to them. There will also be dilemma and confusion among the users regarding the selection of appropriate cloud storage service. However you may opt for Dropbox because it’s older and a lot of people are using it or Google Drive because you already use lots of other Google services and want to tie in cloud storage.

Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive - The 3 Giants of Cloud Storage Services

Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive - The 3 Giants of Cloud Storage Services

Let’s put a look on the comparison table made by TechPuffs that will help you to find the cloud service that is best suitable for you depending on your needs.

# Features Dropbox SkyDrive Google Drive
1. Storage Limits 2-3 GB for free Up to 7 GB for free 5 GB for free
2. Storage Plans 20 GB for about $10 per year or 50 GB for $25 per year 50 GB of storage space for $99 per year 20 GBfor $2.49 per month
3. Supported Platform Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone devices PC, Mac and Android phones/tablets
4. Built-in File Viewer Office Documents, PDFs, Videos and Images Office Documents, PDFs, Videos and Images Office Documents, PDFs, Videos and Images, Photoshop Mockups and AutoCAD Drawings

However apart from these, Dropbox and Google Drive let you save any document or file on your mobile for offline use and this attractive facility is not available in the iOS apps of Windows SkyDrive though you can always export the document to another app (like iBooks or Good Reader) from SkyDrive and access it offline.

Lucrative Features of Dropbox

Since Dropbox provides 2 GB free space for its users, you can extend it up to 16 GB by referring some friends to Dropbox. Dropbox is preloaded with lots of apps that make it more powerful and useful.

Lucrative Features of SkyDrive

SkyDrive offers plenty of storage space but the best part is that the SkyDrive web app lets you access files and folders of all your other computers right from within your browser. You just need to have SkyDrive on these machines and you can then easily access any of their files from any other computer, anywhere simply using your Windows Live ID.

Lucrative Features of Google Drive

Google Drive offers the most pleasing interface, the search feature is brilliant and the new grid view lets you quickly browse your stored files visually. You can email any file from your Google Drive account to another user as an email attachment, a useful feature that’s missing in all the other online drives.

Undoubtly Google Drive and SkyDrive would competitively provide the excellent services in coming days but right now they don’t support as many platforms as Dropbox does. It will be very hard to compete Dropbox for Google and even for Microsoft since it is in existance from very long time and it has developed very strong developer system.