I am a big fan of Microsoft Windows XP Professional for its simplicity and speed. I am using Windows XP Professional. Recently my computer went off due to power failure.

I restarted the computer. The computer started normally. In the next screen It gave me several options. It is usual to get these options when you start your computer the first time after a sudden power failure. Every Windows XP user is well aware of this fact. These options include :

  • Safe Mode
  • Safe Mode with Networking
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt
  • Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked)
  • Start Windows Normally

I did – Start Windows Normally and the computer began showing the Windows XP Logo with moving progress bar and suddenly was displayed the blue screen of death with the warning :

Unmountable Boot Volume Blue Screen Boot Error in Windows XP

Unmountable Boot Volume Blue Screen Boot Error in Windows XP

How I fixed the UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME Error in Windows XP?

Insert Windows XP installation CD into the CD drive of the computer and restart it. After the BIOS screen press F8 to enter the boot devices menu and select the CD-ROM using up-down arrow keys and press enter.

When it asks to press any key to boot from CD, then press any key in the keyboard. This triggers the Windows XP booting from the CD. Wait for some time to Windows XP Setup to appear. See the screenshot below. You have to choose Repair using Recovery Console method.

For this press :

Repair using Recovery Console Option in Windows XP CD Boot

Repair using Recovery Console Option in Windows XP CD Boot

This brings you in Command Prompt. Make sure that the drive you are currently in, is the Window XP installation drive that you want to repair.

For this enter the following :

This will list the folders available in the present drive. In the list, if you see standard Windows XP folders like WINDOWS, Documents and Settings, Program Files then you are at the right drive. If you don’t see the above mentioned folders then you are not in the correct drive.

To get into the correct drive, enter :
D: or E: or some other drive letter

Note : Enter commands given in red only.

Once you are inside D or E drive, then do dir again and check again for the mentioned folders. When you are sure that the drive you are in is the actual Windows XP installation drive then do :
chkdsk /r

Repairing Windows XP Installation with chkdsk

Repairing Windows XP Installation with chkdsk

The disk checking and its repair will start. It may take a few minutes. Wait patiently. Once the checking and repair is over then type exit and press enter to close the Command Prompt. Now start the computer as usual. Now the problem will be gone.

Doing chkdsk can erase and modify some data which it thinks is corrupt. So, there is a small chance of loosing some data. If you want to be sure not to loose any data, then make a backup first.