Have you ever send an e-mail with attachment of larger files of almost 100 MB of size to someone till now? Probably your answer is negative. Actually almost all e-mails service providers have been put-up a restriction on the attachement files size along with the e-mail texts. They don’t give you the freedom to attach the files of any size. For instance, Gmail has provided the limit of the size of the file attachement upto 25 MB only and some other providers have restricted the limit to even less than that. If you’ll try to send an e-mail with file attachement larger than the threshold size limit, you would not be successful.

In many occasions, you need to send larger files such as video clips, a bunch of images etc. to someone which is at far from you through e-mail. In such circumstances, you can’t be able to send these larger files through any e-mail service provider. Then the question arises how will you send these larger files into an e-mail address instantly?
The solution of this problem is WizDrop that lets you to send the media files almost upto 100 MB of size to any e-mail address and mobile phone as well.

WizDrop : To Email Files upto 100 MB

WizDrop : To Email Files upto 100 MB

How to use WizDrop to email files upto 100 MB?

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the website of WizDrop and enter your e-mail address in the From box.
  2.  Click the Browse button and locate your media file you want to upload. Here except .zip files, all file types can be uploaded. Remember here, file size limit is 100 MB so any file larger than that must be segmented in to pieces of 100 MB. You can add subject and Write your message during uploading the files.
  3. Enter the e-mail address or mobile number of the recipient in To box and enter the security code.
  4. If all completed finally, click the Drop button. A message will be generated claiming that your files has been dropped and the recipient will get a link via e-mail or text message to download the files.

Issue with Gmail

The files sent by WizDrop has an issue with Gmail as it labels them as spam. So, if you are sending the files to your Gmail friend you need to first inform them that they are about to receive files which may land in Spam folder.