As of now, whenever you need to take a screenshot of desktop or any other window then first you copy the desktop on the clipboard by pressing Prt Scr SysRq (Print Screen) key and then paste that in to the Paint. After that you export that image in to jpg format and then upload that image in the image hosting websites like Flicker, Pinterest etc.

Paste Screenshot Directly to the Web using SNAG.GY

Now you can capture screenshot of desktop and other windows by pressing the print screen key as before but instead of using Paint, you can directly paste  the image from clipboard to the webpage by pressing Ctrl + V in to the website : Paste Screenshot Directly to the Web : Paste Screenshot Directly to the Web

As soon as you press Ctrl + V it starts pasting and uploading your image in its server and when completed, it provides the URL of that clipboard image. There is also an small in-built image editor in order to edit the images before publishing them online. Wherever you need to insert the clipboard image you can assign its provided URL in order to upload on you online accounts and blogs etc. is compatible with all browsers that support HTML5 and  also have a Java Applet version available for older browsers.