Does your Chrome browser load webpages very slowly in spite of having  sufficient internet speed? The slow loading speed of Chrome is most irritating and it is the point where it gets behind the Firefox web browser. However if your Chrome browser doesn’t load the webpages with your expected speed, then by making some settings you can speed it up.

Under the Hood Setting in Chrome

To make the setting follow these steps :

  1. In your Chrome browser click on wrench icon.
  2. Navigate to Options (Preferences in Mac and Linux) – Under the Hood.
    Under the Hood Setting in Google Chrome Web Browser

    Under the Hood Setting in Google Chrome Web Browser

  3. In the Privacy section enable “Predict network actions to improve page load performance” checkbox.

Now, whenever you will type web address in omnibox, Chrome has high confidence, which site you are likely to visit. Based on your local history Chrome will start pre-rendering that page . It will make page show up faster when you press Enter.