Chromifox (Firefox Add-on) : For Chrome like Appearance of Firefox

Chromifox (Firefox Add-on) : For Chrome like Appearance of Firefox

As you know Firefox and Google Chrome are the most used internet browsers today. But when we compare the performance of Firefox and Chrome we can say – Firefox is better than Chrome. The main reason is its better browsing speed and also having large range of add-ons / extensions.

Anyway, if you are obsessed with Chrome’s look but at the same time you very much like the Firefox because of its better browsing speed then it will be better to change Firefox’s look like Chrome. Isn’t it? Doing this you can enjoy better browsing speed of Firefox and also you will be able to possess Chrome’s look simultaneously in a single browser.

To do this you have to just install in your Mozilla Firefox browser, a tiny extension called Chromifox. After installation, restart your Firefox and see the magic. Your browser’s Firefox-look will be completely changed to Chrome-look.

Chromifox Compatibility and Download Link

However there are certain compatibility issues of this extension with some of the Firefox versions. It doesn’t support 10.0.2 or 9.* versions of Firefox. It is reportedly most likely supported in Firefox 4. You can test it on other versions as well.

To download and install Chromifox : CLICK HERE