Panasonic P81 image Teaser

Panasonic India is going to announce its latest mid-range Android smartphone in the Indian market this month. The company has issued an teaser image, which indicates that the device will come with colorful removable back covers and new software features such as smart app switch and Multi Window.

The specifications of the Panasonic P81 are not known yet, and in the teaser, Panasonic has also not hinted how the device exactly looks like, but considering the recent trend going in smartphone industry, rumours have sparked that Panasonic P81 will come with at least HD display, a faster processor, 1GB RAM and a better camera.

In addition, Panasonic, which entered in to the Indian market with the launch of P51 in May last year, has also showed off a video teaser of the device. In the video teaser, the phone is said to offer rich browsing experience, simplified calling feature and improved contact management, but unfortunately it also doesn’t provide any glimpse and specifications of the device.

Looks like, we will have to wait for few more days or weeks for more details, but no problem, we will keep tracking the news related to the specs and details of Panasonic P81, and will let you know if anything new pops-up.