Yahoo has released a major update for Flickr Android app in Google Play on Thursday. Built from scratch the new Flickr 3.0 Android app brings new user-interface, auto-sync support and more.

Flickr for Android

Coming to the details, the new interface takes the app up to the modern Android app standards. It is pleasant and easier to use. Flickr has also introduced an auto-sync feature, which allows the users to automatically upload all of their captures to their Flickr account. It is particularly useful given the 1000GB space available for free to all Flickr users. The same feature has been available on other apps like Dropbox for quite some time.

According to Yahoo, it has also made it easier to search through your images on Flickr. “Today we are also introducing a new way to rediscover and explore your images. Even if you have thousands of photos, our intelligent search engine will help you find what you’re looking for fast. Flickr’s understanding of your photo’s date and time (ex: “January 2014”), place (ex: “San Francisco”), and even scenes and objects (ex: “car,” “sunset,” “beach,” “portrait”) helps organize your images so you don’t have to,” noted Bernardo Hernandez, Vice President, Flickr in a blog post.

You can now download the updated Flickr Android app from Play Store.