A 12th class student from the hill town Nainital, India has invented an innovative water-proof shoe than can charge mobile device as you move.

According to Rajesh Adhikari, the boy responsible for the discovery, the shoe takes complete advantages of energy generated when a person walks, in order to charge a mobile phone. The energy so generated can also be used to light bulbs in case of electricity failure. One simply needs to install a battery in the shoe for lighting a bulb.

According to a report by ANI, the idea of making such as waterproof charger struck Adhikari when it snowed heavily at his home town, leading to a power blackout. He had built the device to ensure that in such times, one could charge phones at least for basic communication. But this also means users will have to walk enough to charge the device.

“When we raise our feet, the spring gets released and the dynamo starts revolving, which generates current. We can charge our mobile phones while we are walking.” said Rajesh Adhikari to the agency.

Adhikari is now looking forward to improve the design by adding a wireless phone charger to the shoe so that the user can charge a mobile phone by simply walking with it in his/her pocket.