Google Glass

Researchers have reportedly developed a software for Google`s hi-tech wearable computing device, Glass, that would allow users to withdraw money at a cash money without worrying about theft.

Assistant professor of Cryptography Algorithms at Sarland University, Dominique Schroder and his group developed the software named Ubic, combining cryptographic methods and techniques from automated image analysis.

Schroder said that Ubic enables a customer to identify himself at the cash machine, which in turn requests from a reliable instance the public key of the customer and the key is used to encrypt the one-way personal identification number (PIN) using a QR code.

Schroder further added that the customer, who is the identified wearer of Google Glass, is able to view the pin hidden below the QR code and although the process occurs in public, nobody is able to spy on the PIN, as it is re-generated every time the customer uses the cash machine.

An attacker, also wearing a Google Glass, is not able to intrude between the customer and the cash machine during the so-called `skimming,` where the assailant can impersonate the customer.

Google Glass, which is expected to enter the American market this year, has aimed at combining innovation with style to make day-to-day life easy for everyone.