In what probably looks to be the biggest wearables showing from Samsung, the Korean giant is reportedly going to unveil multiple Galaxy Gear smartwatch models at Mobile World Congress next week. This is not all, a report from USA Today claims that Samsung has switched from Android to Tizen in the latest Galaxy Gear models.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

We don’t know if all or just one of these multiple Galaxy Gear models will run on Tizen. According to USA Today, Samsung is using a new HTML5 version of the Tizen in the Galaxy Gear successor as it tries to avoid giving Google too much power in wearables segment. Google’s Android already dominates the smartphone segment and Samsung doesn’t want the same to happen in the wearables arena. The company thus has decided to use Tizen instead of Android, which was present on the first version of Gear.

There is no word on the specifications of the latest-generation Galaxy Gear models.

Samsung is hosting a Tizen related event on February 23 and Galaxy S5 unveiling on February 24 and we will be seeing the new Gear devices in one of these events.

To remind you, Samsung’s original Galaxy Gear was released last year along with Galaxy Note 3. Despite the hype surrounding the product, it failed to generation any big sales number, largely because of the lack of features and poor battery life of the device.