Would you like to eat a pizza that is almost three years old? Well, the US Military is close to creating something exactly like that, which could help soldiers survive war zones with a bit of cheese.

Food scientists at the US Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center in Massachusetts are testing a prototype pizza to include in military meals ready to eat.

Pizza Prototype

According to The Verge, the researchers worked on keeping the combination of sauce, cheese and dough intact, but making the whole pie hostile to bacteria.

The scientists used a type of preservative known as humectants, which include various kinds of gels and sugars, also honey, to keep food moist by binding to water and locking it into the rest of the ingredients.

The pizza’s acidity is adjusted to make it less hospitable to bacteria, and iron filings in the package help absorb any air that gets into the packet.

The report said that the end result is a pizza that could be left for three years and still be edible.

Lab director Jill Bates and spokesperson David Accetta said that the preserved pizza tastes just like a typical pan pizza made at home.