Researchers have invented a new innovative headset which is able to project movies, video games or even video calls directly into your eyeballs. The headset called, Gylph would come in existence later this year.

According to the developer Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Avegant, the Glyph headset, will create visuals that don’t need a screen-just your retinas and your brain, CNN reported.

Gylph Headset

Gylph Headset

A Kickstarter campaign was launched last month and set out to raise 250,000 dollars to bankroll the project. It blew past that mark with ease and, with half a month left, was on the verge of breaking the 1-million-dollar mark Wednesday.

The technology that powers the Glyph centers around a set of 2 million microscopic mirrors — 1 million per eye-that reflect visuals, including 3-D, into the user’s eye. Avegant says the Glyph that will ship this year will be smaller and lighter than current test versions. Users will be able to play the video content on their mobile or entertainment device but watch it on the Glyph instead of their device’s screen. The Glyph has a battery life of about three hours.

Glyph looks like a pair of headphones sitting on the user’s head when not in use. In fact, it doubles as a pair of high-end headphones with noise canceling that compares with some of the leading brands on the market, according to Avegant. To add visuals, the user flips down the band over their head, making it an eyepiece.