Looks like Google is tapping HTC for making the next Nexus tablet, which as per one rumour is going to feature an 8-inch display.

According to a report in Focus Taiwan, trade paper Commercial Times on Wednesday reported that HTC has won orders for the next Nexus tablet from Google and it will start shipping in Q3 of 2014.

HTC Hording

HTC Hording

HTC has declined to comment on the report, stating that it does not comment on market speculation or rumours.

Given that last two Nexus 7 tablets were made by Asus, it is time for a change and HTC seems like a decent choice, however some might talk about the company inexperience in tablet market. HTC has only launched two tablets till date – Flyer and Jetstream, both were failures, partly because of their high price-tags.

As Google is deeply involved in the making of Nexus devices, HTC won’t be alone while developing the next Nexus, so the inexperience can be compensated. No details are available about this alleged Nexus tablet at this moment.

To remind you, HTC has only made one Nexus device so far, that too that first one – Nexus One, which was a smartphone and was released back in 2010. It got rave reviews from all over and dubbed as one of the best made Nexus devices so far thus we are very interested to see the involvement of HTC in another Nexus device.

If HTC is indeed making this tablet, it will most likely be showcased at the Google I/O developer conference later this year. The schedule of this conference hasn’t been revealed till now.