Ink Mobile, the UK-based smartphone and software company which launched Inq Cloud Touch with built-in Facebook app first in 2011, has shut down its business on 31st January after the six years of successful operation. The company has not revealed any solid reason for the shut down, but the tough competition in mobile apps arena is being considered as one of the strong reason for this shut down.

Inq Mobile's Goodbye Note

Inq Mobile’s Goodbye Note

After the launch of first Facebook phone Inq Cloud Touch, the company focused its attention in developing social apps for Inq smartphone and other Android smartphones as well. It even launched SO.HO social app for Android smartphones that offered social feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. into one home screen. It has already shut down its old apps, now the company has removed even its new SO.HO app from the Play Store.

According to company’s Crunchbase profile , Inq mobile was founded in 2007 by Ken Johnstone having offices in London and Rome. It had 40 employees till its shut down.

At the official website, Inq Mobile notes:

Inq has done some exciting and innovative things over the past few years, but we’ll be closing our doors on 31st January 2014. Material will serve its final editions on the 28th January and, whilst SO.HO will continue to function after our closure, it will not be updated after this point.