After the launch of free roaming service in Mumbai and Delhi, MTNL is now looking forward to introduce high speed Wi-Fi services in Mumbai and Delhi in coming days. If launched, the MTNL customers in Mumbai and Delhi will be able to access unlimited internet services at various places including malls, coffee chains, food courts, airports etc. apart from their homes via mobiles, laptops, PCs and tablets.

According to the telco official, users can avail this service by using a line-bonding modem, and the customers already using the MTNL Wi-Fi services on mobile devices will be charged an additional INR Rs.50-100 apart from their existing monthly rental.

MTNL, which operates only in Mumbai and Delhi, has partnered with C-bot to provide this unlimited Wi-Fi internet to the customers, and to access the service, customers will have to register himself at such mentioned places, and just by using his unique login ID and password can have access to internet there.

“We are planning to provide our customers Wi-Fi services at indoor locations such airports, cafes, food courts, apart from their homes. We will be offering 8Mbps speed. There are certain authentication process required before launching the service and as soon it gets complete, the service will be launched” MTNL executive director Peeyush Agarwal said revealing the plan.