Have you ever lost or missed your valuable things likes laptops, wallet, phones, camera or important documents at airport, railway stations or some other noticeable places and never found back?

A surveys says that usually most finders would definitely return the items to the owners, if they can find them. But the problems are that the finders don’t have the address or the tracing of the owner resulting the lost items just stay with them. If they found the address or the contact number mentioned in the lost valuable, the founders usually return the lost materials to its owners, but this is obviously not the case in majority of times.

This kind of problem set off an ideation process that led to the creation of lostclikfound.com (LCF), which according to the founder Ram, a post-grad in management from the Asian Institute of Management, Manila, is the Google of everything that people have lost.

He says that the lost and found departments of airports, railway stations, malls, police stations etc are not only unorganized but they also don’t talk to one another. “Our attempt is to bring them all together so that people can easily find whatever they have lost. Our aim is to rope in as many lost-and-found departments as possible,” says Ram. “We are also planning to go to schools, where we want to inculcate the discipline of returning things. This is not just a product, but also a service.”

The service also allows you to buy a tamper-proof tag for INR Rs.49, and stick it to a valuable. If it’s lost, the finder can go to lostclikfound.com and key in the unique number in the tag to contact you. The website will be expanded soon by linking lost and found departments in the city.