A startup company named Innovega has developed a high-tech first of its kind contact lens which is capable of producing floating virtual screens filled with information right in front of wearer’s eyes, similar to the tech that we have seen in Hollywood sci-fi movies.

Contact Lenses

Innovega’s this innovation is dubbed as iOptik system, which works on two-part system that consists special contact lenses working as a filter to let human eye focus simultaneously on things near and far, using rings that route light to retina in different ways. Part two is a pair of special glasses that are fitted with tiny projectors transmitting data forward onto the eyeglass lenses.

The tech blog CNET reports that the lenses also allow the user to view the projected information, whether it`s driving directions or messages or videos.

According to Innovega CEO Stephen Willey, the company is now looking forward to license the tech to other vendors, who may add other elements such as audio devices, touch control, a camera, an accelerometer, and other hardware seen in similar gadgets like Google Glass.