There might be several reasons when you need to inform all of your dearest Facebook friends by sending them a message, but as you know when it comes to messaging Facebook doesn’t provide any such facility by which you can send your message to all your friends in just a single click. Facebook, however allows you to send your message to multiple friends at the same time just like Google’s Gmail and other messaging services, but when you have hundreds of friend, entering the entire friends name in the recipient box is still a tedious task.

But now don’t worry, Here is a step-by-step tutorial that enables you to send the message to all your Facebook friends in just a single click:

  • First log-on to your Facebook account and press F12 in Chrome or Ctrl+Shift+K in Firefox to open the Console Tab.
  • Now open this Link in separate tab and copy the entire script provided there and paste it inside the Console Tab and Press Enter.
  • A new popup windows like below will open, with the text field to write your message and a Post button to send it immediately.


That’s all. Now to confirm that everyone is going to receive your message just open any of your friend using chat system and press Post to see how he will get your message and so do all of your friends will receive the same message in seconds.

Note: Use this script once in a day else Facebook will temporary block your messaging service for doing bulk messaging.