Southern Telecom has announced three new Android 4.4-powered Polaroid branded tablets on Thursday. Set to be showcased at CES 2014, the new tablets are a part of the company’s Q-series and will be known as Q7 (7-inch), Q8 (8-inch) and Q10 (10-inch).

Polaroid Q10

Polaroid Q10

According to a press release issued by the company, all three tablets come with quad-core processor, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, front speakers, HDMI out and Google Play support. Other specifications are unclear at this moment.

“Tablets are changing the way consumers use and share their favorite media and memories, and Polaroid’s robust line of tablets is allowing more consumers to share with on-the-go convenience,” said Polaroid President and CEO Scott W. Hardy.

“Our Q Series provides consumers with super-fast quad core processing speeds allowing for faster performance and less wait times when watching movies, or playing games. In addition the Q series’ sleek design and affordable price point make it a great choice,” he added.

The exact pricing of the tablet is unknown right now but these will be priced in between $129- $179.