Several reports surfacing online are claiming that HP has set its eye to re-enter the smartphone market with the introduction of select large-screen smartphones (better known as phablets) soon. These smartphones will carry displays as large as six and seven-inches and will be priced around $200-$250.


As expected, HP is planning to target the emerging markets like India, China and Philippines, where consumers tend to love large-screen smartphones, with its upcoming handsets.

There is no word on when exactly we can expect HP to announce the new devices but The Information notes that we could see the release before the end of 2013, but given the fact that only a week is left in this year, we are not too hopeful. CES 2014 announcement will be more likely that too is not very far.

No other details about the smartphones are available at this point, which will most likely run on Android like the recent Slate-series of tablets from HP. HP might tap the low-cost SoC makers like MediaTek or Rockchip for its phones to keep the prices down, as the pricing is going to be a very important factor in the success of these phones. India, China and Philippines markets are already full with similar phones in home-grown smartphones vendors and Chinese OEMs, which offer great specifications in affordable pricing. The only positive with HP is its relatively known brand name, which might lead to consumers to buy its phone over the unknown Chinese makers.