We all know how Add-ons help us to make our internet browsing simpler and convenient. Basically the Add-ons are a piece of software that enhances and customizes Mozilla-based applications. But do you know you can develop your own Firefox Add-on? To do that Firefox has a unique tool called Add-on Builder having simple interface and many helpful tools and it is the quickest and the easiest way to create Add-ons for Firefox.

Firefox Add-on Builder

Firefox Add-on Builder

What is Add-on Builder actually?

Actually Add-on Builder is a fantastic online development environment that allows developers with knowledge of HTML, JavaScipt and CSS to rapidly create Add-ons for Firefox using the Mozilla Add-on SDK. You can think of it as the JSFiddle of Add-on development and debugging. Add-on Builder leverages the Add-on SDK to produce Add-ons that users can install without restarting Firefox. The Add-on created with Add-on Builder tools are automatically repackaged with Add-on SDK updates, which ensures that Builder-based Add-ons will continue to work for users without interruption, regardless of Firefox API changes.

How to get started?

To get started with the service all you need is to register yourself with your email at Mozilla in order to use this tool. The registration process is quite fast and once you are done, it will provide canvas and give a code to paste into the canvas. There are many other instructions too, if you have not written the codes before probably you would not be able to understand. However it lets you to browse other people’s creations and the library of codes provided by Mozilla, but this language is not a quick one to learn.

Features of Add-on Builder

Add-on Builder provides many useful features to help Add-on authors in developing Add-ons including a simple online interface for writing your code live, one-click Add-on testing, access to a repository of third-party Add-on libraries, JSFiddle-like sharing and collaboration instant upgrade options for new versions of the Add-on SDK and integrated features for publishing to Mozilla Add-ons platform.

Video Tutorial on Add-on Builder

For more detail please see the video tutorial given below :