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Twitter has updated both the Android (v 5.0) and iPhone (v5.13) apps with new Search Filters that help you quickly find exactly the Tweets and people you’re looking for. Twitter released v5.0 Beta for Android back in September for a closed group that brought new UI, Navigation menu and more, looks like it has dropped the idea to bring the new UI to 5.0 update in the stable version. The stable v5.0 update doesn’t have the new UI or any Navigation menu. Both these apps were updated with in-line image and video previews few weeks back.

The new update for Android and iPhone also brings new trending timeline in Discover that shows you trends along with associated Tweets, trending TV shows and nearby events.

Features of updated Twitter-At a glance:

  • Find exactly what you’re looking for: Search results now show content that is filtered to the type of moments you want.
  • See what’s trending on TV and close by to you: After you’ve browsed through all trends in Discover, you’ll see additional trends about both TV and local content.
  • Better login verification: Take a screenshot of your verification backup code when you enroll or generate a new one.

You can now download updated Twitter app for Android and iPhone or iPad from Google Play store and Apple’s iTunes store.