In an exclusive talk with The Financial Times ZTE’s executive vice-president and head of handset business, He Shiyou has revealed that the company is planning to join smartwatch arena too, and if all goes well ZTE will introduce its first smartwatch early 2014.


He further added that the company is investing huge amount in R&D of wearables including smartwatches and even products like Google Glass and we could see the first smartwatch in the first quarter of next year.

He, however didn’t reveal the specifications and features of this upcoming smartwatch, but we are speculating that it will be a great competitor of the likes of existing Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony and Qualcomm’s Toq smartwatch.

In addition, He Shiyou disclosed that the company is planning to re-begin the production of Windows powered smartphones and at the same time looking forward for creating a recognised brand to western phone buyers through improved distribution as well as sponsorships and advertising.